Which Frodsham Properties are Selling the Best?

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Moving home is said to be the third most stressful life event, following a member of your family dying or getting divorced. So it is always best to keep your stress levels down by investigating and doing your homework on both the particular area of Frodsham (or nearby conurbations) where you live (i.e. where you are selling) and where you want to search for your next Frodsham home. Being mindful of how fast (or slow) the different aspects of the Frodsham property market is moving is key because it could save you much heartache and many thousands of pounds.

If you know you are selling a property in a sluggish price range and buying in a faster moving price range in Frodsham, then putting your property on the market first is vital. Otherwise, you will always find the one you want to buy tends to sell before your property sells – there is nothing worse than pondering over a property only to find that someone else has bought it. Being primed with all the knowledge is critical. On the other side of the coin, if you are selling in a fast moving market and buying in a sluggish market, you can probably get a better deal on the one you are buying.

For buy to let landlords in Frodsham, this evidence is particularly critical as purchasing a high-demand property in a well-liked area of Frodsham will safeguard a surfeit of availability of tenants, as well as respectable house price growth.

Being an agent in Frodsham, I like to keep an eye on the Frodsham property market on a daily basis because it enables me to give the best advice and opinion on what (or not) to buy in Frodsham; be that a buy to let property for a landlord or an owner-occupier house. So, I thought, how could I scientifically split the Frodsham housing market into sections, so I could analyse which part of the Frodsham property market was doing the best (or the worst).

I took the decision that the preeminent way was to fragment the Frodsham property market into roughly four uniform size price bands (in terms of properties for sale). Each price band would have roughly around 25% of the property in Frodsham available for sale, then add up all the sold (stc) properties and see which sector of the Frodsham property market was performing best. These were the results:

 # Properties For Sale# Properties Sold (stc)
up to £150,000449
£150,000 to £230,0004929
£230,000 to £350,0004921
£350,000 upwards5014

The best performing price range in Frodsham is the lower to middle market £150,000 to £230,000 where 37.2% of all property in that price range has a buyer and is sold stc.

It’s not unexpected that the upper end of the property market (the top 25%) in Frodsham is finding things a little tougher compared to the others. Remarkably for Frodsham landlords, the lower market is doing reasonably well, but it’s not the best, so maybe there could be some property deals out there for buy to let investment? Even though the number of first time buyers in 2018 did increase over the 2017 levels, it was from a low starting point. A large majority of 20 to 30-year-olds don’t want to or can’t buy their first home and the local authority has no money to build council houses, meaning an increase in demand as private landlords take up the slack. After all, everyone needs a roof over their head!

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Helen has been a landlord for over 15 years, and together, with John has built up a substantial property portfolio. Helen loves to keep on top of current legislation by attending training courses and lettings events on a regular basis. John and Helen have 5 children ranging in age from teenagers to toddlers, so in the little spare time Helen gets, she enjoys long walks in the country and holidays.

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